FROM BARRY : Bee Gees tribute Presented by Mick Sterling

Le Musique Room, 4300 O'Day Ave, St. Michael

FROM BARRY - The Vintage Pop Classics of The Bee Gees honors the incredible songwriting of Barry Gibb and his partnership with his brothers Maurice and Robin.

FROM BARRY covers the era of The Bee Gees from the late 60's pop gems such as TO LOVE SOMEBODY, MASSACHUSETTS, HOW CAN YOU MEND A BROKEN HEART, LONELY DAYS and many more, to their culturally iconic songs from Saturday Night Fever.

A 16-piece band that features Twin Cities heavyweights Cate Fierro, Aimee Lee, Boyd Lee, Mary Jane Alm and Wayne Anthony, join Mick Sterling to duplicate the disco classics as well such as MORE THAN A WOMAN, NIGHT FEVER, STAYIN' ALIVE and more songs from the album that changed music history.

FROM BARRY honors the perfect pop that Barry Gibb created that the world still loves.