Chris Hawkey

Le Musique Room, 4300 O'Day Ave, St. Michael

What a weekend this will be. December 29 and 30. 2 Big Shows. ONE BIG ARTIST! We can't wait. Chris Hawkey makes his return to Le Musique Room IN STYLE!!!!!! It's time to celebrate the year's end with the Chris Hawkey Band.

First - Friday Nite- It's a "One Mic One Take" kind of night. All stripped down, just the song and lyric in a very intimate setting with the story behind the song. Be prepared to laugh, sing and even cry. THEN.... After that, stick around for the after party with the band to include fun and a popular cult classic rock and roll movie on us!

SATURDAY DECEMBER 30th SOLD OUT! Call 612-314-9199 Please do not leave single seats when purchasing.